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A major beach town

From the early 1900’s on, Kep became the St.Tropez of South-East Asia while Kampot turned into a beautiful port town.

Sihanoukville on the contrary was established in 1955 along with the independence of Cambodia. Originally a port city, Sihanoukville has now developed into a major tourist town with party, booze, beaches, happy hours, ATM’s, live music, BBQ’s, and more.

There is a choice between several beaches with Occheuteal being
the most popular and Otres Beach the most beautiful.

Recently several businesses have been removed from Otres Beach but there are still bars, restaurants and accommodation.

The coastline is dotted with picture perfect islands, well worth an overnight stay. Diving, snorkeling, jet skiing, windsurfing and other beach & sea activities are available.

Ream National Park offers a nice getaway about 30km north from the city center. Also the Kbal Chhay Waterfalls, just a few km out of town, are a nice break from the crowds.

Sihanoukville is only 100km from Kampot and 120km from Kep and makes an easy ride to do by yourself on a motorbike.

Families with children, party-heads, the retired crowd, and locals can all look forward to spending a lazy time on the beach here. Sihanoukville caters to just about everybody.

Internet and WIFI are available all over Sihanoukville in internet cafes and many guesthouses, hotels, restaurants, etc.

All banking services, such as ATM, Western Union, MoneyGram, Travelers Cheque, are widely available.

Take care of your belongings both in and outside your room as crime is always more frequent in bigger tourist areas.

When in Sihanoukville look out for a copy of the "Sihanoukville Advertiser" (

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