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Projects in Kampot

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Bridges Across Borders Cambodia is a grassroots organization working to bring people together to overcome poverty, injustice and inequity in Cambodia. They build bridges across borders by:

*Raising global awareness of the pressing issues facing the most vulnerable people in Cambodia
*Facilitating people-to-people exchanges, solidarity actions, and volunteer programs
*Supporting local initiatives for social justice, inclusive development and the protection of human rights
*Teaching creative, non-violent methods of resolving conflict
(+855) 097 660 6757
(+855) 097 220 7661
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We are building a circus training space with a guesthouse to Cambodia in the fall with my Cambodian wife. It will be in Kampot 150 kilometers away from the capital Phnom Penh in a very beautiful location between the sea and the mountains. We have already bought the land for the project and if everything goes as it should we will start building in October 2013. We aim to finish the first buildings and have the space operational by January 2014.

The idea is to offer the local street kids and others interested a place to start a hobby that will possibly even lead to a career some day. I myself am a professional circus artist and I also have a degree of circus teacher (Turku Arts Academy). I have been teaching juggling in Cambodia at Phare Ponleu Selpak (a cambodian NGO based circus school) and at Epic Arts (NGO for the disabled in Cambodia) and I speak khmer language. Our project will be done in co-operation with these two NGOs to share knowledge and resources. The guesthouse will be there for visiting teachers and artists who would be willing to share their knowledge with the youth and inspire them.
(+855) 092 922 069
Café supporting the deaf & disabled community in Kampot.

Breakfast, lunch & tea + cakes. Scrumptious scones & sensational brownies.

The café is self-sufficient and provides a small amount of monetary support to Epic Arts’ programs.

    • Restaurant
    • Fan
    • Western Cuisine
    • Khmer Cuisine
    • Ice Cream
    • Outside Seating
    • Daily Specials
    • Bakery Items
    • Breakfast
    • Lunch
    • Homemade Products
    • Specialty Coffee
    • TakeAway
An annual event on March 14th in Kampot to celebrate International Love Your River Day.

In 2013, more than 600 school children participated in the 2nd annual 'I Love Kampot River' educational environmental awareness campaign on Kampot's beautiful estuary.

You can support the organisation's fundraising efforts for next year's event by purchasing 'I Love Kampot 'merchandise (T-shirts, tote bags, ...) in selected Kampot stores.
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KCDI is the Khmer Cultural Development Institute for Orphaned and Disabled Children, located in Kampot.

Come see a performance of traditional Khmer arts and music and be transported back to Angkorian times.

Check the website for performance schedule
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