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A unique coastal retreat

An idyllic coastal location backed by hills covered with lush jungle, Kep faces across the Kampot Bay towards the Bokor Mountain escarpment, and across the Kep Bay towards the border town of Ha Tien in Vietnam, with the sun setting on an ocean horizon in between.

Established in 1908, Kep was originally built as a retreat for the French colonialists. For sixty years it thrived as the Khmer's
favorite coastal holiday resort, with its heydays in the 50s and

60s until it fell into ruin – especially after the Khmer Rouge when locals in need of money and food started to dismantle the old villas. Kep is currently experiencing a touristic revival.

Now no longer the little sister to Kampot, Kep offers the perfect destination for a visitor to spend a peaceful, lazy and undisturbed vacation, while also providing opportunities for energetic activities if desired.



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